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Our Clay-Based Collection

Our Clay-Based Collection

Before we commence the formulation process of products, we start by brainstorming the purpose of the product, functionality, feelings we want the product to invoke, target skin types, scent, and texture.

Our Powder Facial Masks and Body Cleansing Grains are available in three variations - Replenishing, Balancing, and Clarifying. The texture of both our masks and cleansing grains is rich and creamy after mixing with water, and glides on easily on the skin to nourish and draw away toxins.



Replenishing Body Cleansing Grains

An all-rounded product suited all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. The formulation helps to nourish the skin and balance skin moisture levels. Specifically for the Replenishing Powder Facial Mask, no essential oils are added to keep it extra safe for very sensitive skin. 

Clay: White Kaolin Clay and French Red Clay
Main Botanical Ingredient: Rose
Skin Type: All, including dry and sensitive skin
Scent: Slight rose to no scent



Balancing Body Cleansing Grains

We absolutely love the vibrant blue colour of our Balancing range, and best of all, the rich hue is exclusively from the butterfly pea flower - no additional colouring agents. Rich in antioxidants and anti-glycation properties, the nourishing botanicals and oils help to fight free radicals and slow down the effects of aging.

Clay: White Kaolin Clay
Main Botanical Ingredients: Moringa Flower (only in Powder Facial Mask) and Butterfly Pea
Skin Type: Matured skin
Scent: Rosemary



Clarifying Body Cleansing Grains

The Clarifying collection is formulated to be gentle yet powerful in purifying the skin. We specifically target the common side effects of oily skin, including congested pores, inflammations and dryness. However, we are mindful that the product should not be too harsh that it strips off all natural oils, leaving the skin dry and itchy, which could be a potential outcome if the formulation is not well-balanced.

Clay: French Green Clay
Botanical Ingredient: Peppermint (only in Powder Facial Mask) and Tea Tree
Skin Type: Oily, troubled skin
Scent: Tea Tree


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