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Why Yoga?


SLOW RITUALS is inspired by both nature and yoga, as yoga plays a huge role in the life of our founder. The product formulations are influenced by how yoga made her feel and her experiences during the practice.

It could be when her teacher cleanses the energy in the yoga shala by burning a Palo Santo stick, massages spearmint essential oil on her shoulders during savasana after an Ashtanga Mysore practice; or puts a diluted drop of Tangerine essential oil to rub between her palms and inhale after a morning Vinyasa practice. 

While there are obvious physical benefits such as improvement of strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility through the "exercise" of yoga that is commonly known in modern day, we'd like to share a little more about the mental benefits and transformational changes that she has experienced.

Building greater awareness
Yoga is a mind-body exercise and it helps to build both physical and mental awareness. The meditation and breath work in the practice of yoga can improve our mental well-being, while the asanas (postures) can help with building awareness of how we move our body and our posture in daily lives.

Inspires a healthy lifestyle
We may feel a cleansing effect of yoga practice after we get deeper into the practice of yoga, and that is also when we might start questioning the choices of what we consume into our body and become conscious eaters. In fact, some may even experience a radical shift away from the average diet loaded with meat and processed food, to one based almost solely on plant-derived sources.

This is also deeply rooted in of one of our values at SLOW RITUALS - natural and vegan formulations. No chemicals, fillers, or animal and animal-derived ingredients.

Encourages better breathing
Yoga isn't really yoga without conscious breathing. Since birth, we breathe naturally and subconsciously. Most of us only breathe into our front body, but not the abdomen and sides of the body. In fact, stress, tension, and trauma can make it difficult for us to breathe deeply, which leads to shortness in breath and even unintentional holding of breath. 

Better breathing can help with our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

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